One Thread Within This Universe

It's late and I'm not altogether sure what I have joined!

This my first little jot.  Only thing is, it's past 3.30 in the morning and my brain is tired and want's to sleep.  So, just in case any mortal sees this, I shall bid you good night and fair weather!!!!  Peace and Love to all.

First Thread
This is the very first, unseen thread, within this universe.  I wonder where it will end......

If you can help someone......
Let's all concentrate on helping, at least one person, at least once a day,  every day, for the rest of our lives.  Even if it is just holding out a hand of friendship or helping someone reach their chosen item on the supermarket shelf. 

Do you think we can do this?

I think it's the only way we can save the world.

Inspired by a photograph in The Independant

The Colour of Blood is Red

It's like they forget.....
The men of war
They forget.....

What is the colour of blood?
This is the question which
Must race through their heads on a daily basis.
Why else would they be so intent
On spilling so much of a young child's blood,
So that only the white of her right eye
Could be seen through the curtain of
Blood that covers her from head to toe.
That she dies a needless death
Does not matter to the men of war.
They forget the colour of blood.
They don't focus on now.
How to feed, sleep, work and play.
How to hold out their hands in faith .
How to breathe in every breath of
Peace within our human race.
Their need to be bold and at war
Works against their integrity
Confirming fears of all out insanity

There are no enemies
Only people to talk to
Only people to listen to......

KVW 7/1/09 copyright


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