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Well, that was a good start!
You write a poem about something you really believe in and all people (in charge) can see is bloody politics, or perhaps it's just the end of their nose.  Typical!  Thank God for the 'real' people within this little community.

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I don't mean to intrude on your personal journal (and feel free to delete me!) but I think you're misinterpreting the situation. By posting a poem in a workshop, you're asking for comments on craft, </i>not</i> on your personal ethics or beliefs.

I think you show potential as a poet, & if you're looking for a (usually!) gentler, but still criticial workshop,
might do the trick. (Though people are occasionally blunt there, too.)

If you simply wish to share your work (and receive no criticism), there's

good luck.

oh dear, I fear I have alienated even you. Only joking. No, seriously, I haven't misinterpreted the situation, I actually agree with alot, if not most, of what was written, it was just the tone and assumption and, dare I say it, the agression (which is what I was accused of) of the mods, as i now know them to be. I never have been very good with authority.
Thank you, though, very much for your suggestions. I may have a little wander, but i will stick with this place, if they will continue to have me. I am, believe it or not, badly lacking in any confidence as a writer of any sort. Probably why I reacted the way I did!

Thanks again and kind regards to you.

Banned now....for f...s sake! What is going on?

Dear Kenosis has banned me. I got into some banter with him, and he obviously didn't like it, but that is surely no reason to ban me. It was ok for him to accuse me of this that and other poop, but not ok for me to reply. I can't think that my writing was really that offensive. Weird!

Banned! Yes! I am banned. I don't think a certain peoples like independant minds, definitely not independant poems about peace, and they definitely don't like one answering them back.

That one dares to voice an opinion on a world event is taken to be 'offensive'. I really don't think mods should rule their little roosts when they so obviosly have a problem with people (especially from another country) who are not in agreement with them and who can and did take critisism, and who was trying to explain their work.

I posted to that community too and believe me I had no idea that there were so many "proper" ways to writing. I write what I feel, I dont write to please other people, I don't write so that it can be interpreted one way, I write because words can be threaded through so many different holes in peoples lives and mean so many different things. Dont worry, I thought the piece was great. Keep writing, there are definitely people out there that aren't checking to see if you're doing everything right.

Thank God for that, then. Drive you bloody mad otherwise, wouldn't it? Can't bear all these high and mighty pundits.
Oh well, case closed now. I may post a couple more poems (if they allow me to) just to see what happens, but I will try to keep my mind and fingers off this keyboard, so as not to answer them back. God, it's like being back at bloody school!!

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